Do We Need A New Plan For Children’s Ministry?

An international team of academic researchers and ministry practitioners from Brazil, Canada, the UK, and the USA are asking, “Do we need a new plan for children’s ministry?”

If you’re a church leader, school teacher or Christian parent, that’s a stop you in your tracks kind of question.

What have the researchers discovered to make this question the title of their Multi-national Children’s Ministry Report (October 29, 2021) on children’s faith formation? To find out, you’ll have to download the pdf. What I will tell you is that after analyzing the data from an online survey conducted in June 2021 and comparing the findings with other studies, the researchers concluded that COVID-19 exposed significant flaws in the philosophical underpinnings and the methodology of children’s ministry.

So what? Why should the deficiencies in children’s ministry be a matter of concern? Because if we fail to understand and address the inherent problems in children’s ministry, it will lead to fewer children connecting with Jesus and His Story.

Now you may not like reading reports, but you should read this one. The unproductive trends and patterns in children’s ministry are more than issues for academic consideration. If you genuinely want to see children’s faith formation thrive in the church, school and home, you can’t ignore this report. Nor can you read the report and remain neutral. After digesting the information, you’ll have to do one of two things: formulate new strategies and approaches to children’s ministry, or disregard the findings (at your peril) and continue doing what you’ve always done.

All that to say, you should read the report. Not because I’m involved as one of the researchers. And not because I’m convinced we need new paradigms of children’s ministry. I’m inviting you to read it because the present and future spiritual health and growth of children’s ministry are at stake. C-19 is a catalyst. There will be an increased decline or a wonderful recovery of children’s ministry in the years ahead, depending on what we do now.

Download Report

Before you access the free report, take stock of your situation and reflect on your experiences during C-19. What happened in your church, your school, and your home? Think about these things, and you’ll be in the right frame of mind to read the report.

To access and read the key findings, click on this link: Do We Need A New Plan For Children’s Ministry?

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