Do Church Structures Enable Children’s And Family Ministry To Grow?

Ground-breaking new multi-national research by an international team of academic researchers and ministry practitioners from Brazil, Canada, the UK, and the USA asks, “Do church structures enable children’s and family ministry to grow?”

This is a critical question if you’re a teacher, parent, volunteer or pastor involved with children’s or family ministry. Why? Because if church structures don’t enable children’s and family ministry to grow, we’re up the creek without a paddle! Or worse, churches face decline or marginalization if their structures compromise children’s and family ministry!

If church structures don't enable children's and family ministry to grow, we're up the creek without a paddle! Click To Tweet


So, what have the researchers discovered to make this thought-provoking question the title of their second multi-national report? To find out, you’ll have to download the pdf. I will say, however, that the report is a telling insight into the clergy’s (ministers, pastors, priests, and bishops) tenuous involvement in children’s/family ministry. It also includes some encouraging discoveries and suggests how we can improve institutional dynamics to help cultivate the growth of children’s/family ministry.

Report reading may not be at the top of your to-do list, but you’ll be disadvantaged if you don’t review this study. The insights, particularly concerning the uncertain involvement and sporadic input of clergy, have profound implications for the health and growth of children’s and family ministry. And the report’s findings, if left unaddressed, could adversely impact the spiritual formation of present and future generations.


All that to say, this is an earnest appeal to critically examine the Multi-National Children’s and Family Ministry Report 2022. I don’t extend this invitation lightly. Progress in children’s/family ministry isn’t stalled by an absence of goodwill but by unawareness about what hinders growth. To formulate and pursue best practices in children’s/family ministry, we must significantly improve the clergy’s participation. So, please read this research because the findings, conclusions, recommendations and reflective questionnaire will help inform the growth of your church’s ministry.

Progress in children's/family ministry isn't stalled by an absence of goodwill but by unawareness about what hinders growth. Click To Tweet

Download Report

Before downloading the report, consider your context (congregation, pastor(s), mission, ministry strategy). Who serves in children’s/family ministry in your church? How do your leaders make decisions? How involved is the senior pastor/minister? Does your church provide workshops to teach parents how to nurture their children’s faith formation? Thinking about these things will prime you to read the research findings.

To access and read the report, CLICK ON THIS LINK.

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