Children’s And Family Ministry In Canada 2023

Report on children’s and family ministry in Canada 2023

Are you looking for a post-pandemic snapshot of the state of children’s and family ministry in Canada? Do you want to see this generation of Canadian children connected with Jesus and His Word? With the help of two hundred and ten churches from thirty-seven denominations in the ten provinces of Canada, Scripture Union conducted a survey and compiled the Children’s and Family Ministry in Canada 2023 report. The report is a succinct, well-illustrated, and easy-to-read description of the present state of children’s and family ministry that’s well worth your attention. Here’s why the survey was conducted, what’s in it, and a link to download it:

Why is this report important?

In 2019, recognizing that the Canadian Church requires information and insight to plan ministry initiatives and develop resources, Scripture Union developed a survey to take the pulse of children’s and family ministry. The survey established a benchmark for future research. Since then, surveys have been conducted every two years. The reports from the surveys provide points of reference against which ministry activities of local churches and mission agencies can be compared, measured and assessed. [You can access all the Scripture Union surveys at https://scriptureunion.ca/childrens-ministry-survey/]

What’s in the report?

The 2023 report identifies how post-pandemic children’s and family ministry is adapting and evolving.

Tapping into a growing awareness of the critical importance of family faith formation, the 2023 survey intentionally focused on how church congregations and parents interact and interrelate in the discipling of children. The findings reveal that while many churches are revising their ministry strategies and modifying their methodologies, there’s much that needs to be done to adequately involve and equip parents to nurture their children’s faith.

As one of the survey respondents aptly said, “It’s time to reconsider how we engage with the new generation of parents, to meet them where they’re at, and help them find the tools they need to foster their children’s faith formation.” To help create momentum in this direction, the 2023 report contains a helpful SWOT analysis highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to children’s and family ministry in Canada.

The report also includes information about family church attendance, the discipling role of parents and guardians, intergenerational ministry, training and resourcing of parents.

How do I download the report?

This report is a must-read if you want to learn more about the present ministry challenges and opportunities for children’s and family ministry in Canada.

Click on this link to download (free) the Canadian Children’s and Family Ministry 2023 report.

For questions, comments or interviews, please get in touch with Scripture Union – info@scriptureunion.ca or call (905) 427-4947.

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