About Children’s Ministry Basics

This is a blog about ministry to children anywhere and everywhere. The articles are far-ranging in scope, yet narrowly focused on Jesus and His unfathomable, indescribable, and unrelenting love for children. It naturally follows that if Jesus and His love for children is the focus of this blog, then the Scriptures and sound theology need to be well integrated into the content. One of the premises undergirding the writing of Children’s Ministry Basics is that good theology leads to good practice. So readers are warned: existing practices and paradigms are analyzed and critiqued. The critiques challenge the status quo, suggest alternative views, and aim for the renewal of children’s ministry. Why does children’s ministry need to be renewed? Because children’s ministry, in many instances, has lost sight of Jesus and must be restored to Him.

About Dr. Lawson Murray

Lawson Murray - AuthorLawson loves Jesus and loves children. While he’s the father to three children and grandfather to ten grandchildren, he is dad and granddad to many more!

Lawson’s purpose in life is to cultivate growth. He has sought to fulfill this calling by serving as a¬†teacher, pastor, church planter and children/youth evangelist. He is the author of the bestselling children’s series Bible Beginners and the acclaimed handbook, Bible Engagement Basics. Lawson is a children’s ministry consultant, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer, ministry innovator, Bible engagement advocate, sports ministry specialist, and the president of Scripture Union.

About Scripture Union Canada

Scripture Union connects children with Jesus and His Story. We aim to reach, rescue, root and release children to radically love and richly live their lives only all for Jesus. To this end, we nurture the growth of children’s ministry by training and equipping Christians with evangelistic and disciple-making strategies and resources. Visit our website to learn more.¬†