Upside-Down Kingdom

When Jesus walked the earth, childhood wasn’t considered a special stage of life and wasn’t really valued. In fact, childhood was, to all intents and purposes, nothing more than a training ground for adult life. This low view of children was based on the notion that children were weak-minded, unreliable, and in need of strict […]

Jesus Loves Children

Everywhere you look, there are children in the world. In total there are about 2 billion. That’s more children than ever before. They live on farms, in apartments, in the suburbs, on houseboats, and even in tree houses. They also live in slums, refugee camps, on the streets, and on garbage dumps. While some children […]


Welcome to Children’s Ministry Basics! For +150 years Scripture Union has participated, by faith, in what Jesus is doing among children in the world at large. As we’ve joined in with what Jesus is doing among children, we’ve learned some things along the way. We believe that what we’ve learned should be freely shared.  Children’s […]