Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s ministry resources to train adults in children’s ministry, connect with the latest research, evangelize and disciple children.

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School of KidsMin

Get engaged, equipped, and encouraged to tell the next generation about Jesus and His Story with these free videos. There are videos for church leaders, parents and more. Learn more.


Children’s Ministry Reports

A free resource that provides snapshots of the state of children’s ministry in Canada. The reports are published every two years and are filled with statistics and reflections on children’s ministry in the local church. Learn more.


Strategy for Evangelizing and Discipling Children

This free resource provides principles, suggestions, tools and practical tips to help you think through and develop a comprehensive strategy for evangelizing and discipling children. Learn More.



Team Talk

A free sport’s ministry resource to help you share the Gospel with children, invite a response, and teach them how to grow in faith. Learn More.


Children’s Bible Guides

Help children read, reflect and respond to God’s Word with an SU Bible Guide. Learn more.


Bible Beginners

A delightfully illustrated series with rhyming couplets, Scripture texts and fun interactive elements. For children aged 3-8 (also enjoyed by children of other age groups). Choose from: The Christmas Alphabet, Divine Design, Countdown to Easter, Good News Hues and Heaven. Learn more.


Bible Storybooks

Especially for under-5s, these books feature full-colour photographic spreads of the much-loved Bible Friends characters. Choose from: The Easter Bible Storybook, Baby Moses, The Lost Sheep, Jesus Heals a Man, Jesus Feeds a Crowd, The Loving Father, Joseph, Daniel, David.  Learn more.

Guardians of Ancora

A free app (available for Android and Apple devices) to help children discover the story of Jesus. There are also several great complimentary resources available on the website. Learn More.