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The Great Priority is to teach our children about God’s fame, and power. We must not hide Jesus from our children. We must tell them about Him so the next generation, and all the generations to come, will know and love Him (Psalm 78:1-8).

But how do we do that? How can we equip adults with the understanding and skills they need to connect children with Jesus and His Story?

The School of KidsMin is doing it through free eLearning workshops. And its latest feature is Two-Minute Training.

Big concepts in small bites.

Short videos are best suited for online platforms. People who are active on social media are looking for content that’s quickly and succinctly delivered. The Two-Minute Training videos hit the mark. They’re animated workshops teaching big concepts in small bites.

A range of themes.

The Two-Minute Training workshops address a diversity of subjects. Topics include “How does a child’s faith develop?”, “What must a child believe to be saved?”, “How do we help children learn?”, “What was Jesus’ approach to disciple-making?”, “How do children grow spiritually?”,  and many more.

Easy access.

With time at a premium and ease of access essential, video workshops are more important than ever before. The School of KidsMin recognizes this reality. It’s also aware that video training facilitates a higher retention rate than in-person training and has the advantage of being easily shareable.

Watch anywhere.

People watch videos everywhere — at home, at work, during their commute, at church, and even in the washroom/bathroom/restroom! Where are you right now? Do you have 2 minutes to watch a Two-Minute Training video? You can take a gander at https://schoolofkidsmin.com/twominutetraining/

A range of formats.

The School of KidsMin also features live-action workshops (8-18 minutes duration), Five in 5 (5 kids ministry essentials in 5 minutes from a live presenter), and Quick Minute Questions (animated pithy answers to kids biggest questions). Best practice studies indicate that these formats suit different audiences on YouTube. Two Minute Training and Five in 5 videos get the highest engagement on Facebook. Live-action videos do well on LinkedIn, and the Quick Minute Questions are more popular on Instagram.

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2 Comment

  1. WOW! Teaching BIG concepts in small Bites… Great idea. We always believed this with respect to Teaching families. the tag line we use is – ‘Less is More’.
    The analogy of a tablet is what we use to explain this concept. If our information is right then the medicine or chemical part in a tablet is very less – sometimes even less than 2mg- the rest is salt NaCl we were told by a pharmaceutical graduate.
    TWO MIN TRAININGS – way to go Dr. Lawson Murray!

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