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We should never stop reading – never! To learn and grow in our capacity to minister to children, we must be perpetual students, which requires reading good content from trustworthy sources. So how do we do that? With countless books and articles on children’s ministry, how do we select the best? By asking other children’s ministry workers to provide recommendations. That’s what I did. I asked my friends in children’s ministry around the world to recommend their favourite blogs. Then I checked them out and subscribed to the ones I wanted to read.

Recommended blogs.

Here’s my short-list, in no particular order, of my top children’s ministry blogs:

Refocus – Transitioning churches to equip and support the home as the place of primary spiritual growth and faith formation.

Nurturing Young Faith – Equipping and empowering those supporting children’s faith journeys.

D6 – A family ministry movement that connects church and home.

Children Can – To revive the next generation and reconnect the generations.

International Network of Children’s Ministry – Connecting children’s ministry leaders to what they need to do what God has called them to do.

Fuller Youth Institute – Uses academic research to inform and equip diverse leaders and parents to help young people grow.

DiscipleBlog.com – Relevant and practical articles that will help your kids discover how to live in Christ, live like Christ, and live for Christ.

Parenting for Faith – Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens.

Mark Griffiths – Thoughtful articles on developing ministry to children, young people and families.

Gospel-Centered Family – Helping churches and families share Jesus with the next generation.

Children’s Spirituality Summit – An ecumenical organization of scholars and thoughtful practitioners dedicated to promoting informed practice regarding children’s spirituality.

Check out Feedspot’s list for additional blogs. Feedspot ranks the top 60 children’s ministry blogs by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. The blogs I endorse align with my interests and context. Feedspot’s list features blogs with tips and information on aspects of children’s ministry that I’m not involved in, like curriculums, games, lesson plans, crafts, activities, volunteers, and VBS resources.

Finally, while they don’t make it into my list of the top children’s ministry blogs because they’re not strictly about children’s ministry, I also recommend ParentTV, Search Institute, Risen Motherhood, and Care for the Family.

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