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It’s here! Announcing the arrival of the sister blog Christian Parenting Basics!

The birth of Christian Parenting Basics came out of an innate desire in me to put things in order. With a growing number of articles in Children’s Ministry Basics about parenting, I realized the need for a dedicated parenting blog. So, together with my colleague Amy Csoke, the Scripture Union Communications and Promotions Manager, we’ve developed a new website.

What began as a site for a new blog morphed into a hub that includes curated podcasts, videos, workshops, and other resources. We’re delighted with the outcome. More than making bi-weekly articles available online, the website facilitates multi-format connections that equip parents to tackle their roles with insight and understanding.

Most Christian parents don’t need more parenting tips and strategies. To thrive and not just survive, parents need God’s view of parenting – one that’s biblically informed and Christ-centred. Yes, there are some practical parenting suggestions in Christian Parenting Basics, but it mainly focuses on what God calls families to be and do.

Some things just fit together. Like a car in a parking space, a straw in a bottle, or a foot in a shoe. That’s because they relate to each other. If you’ve found Children’s Ministry Basics helpful, you’ll find Christian Parenting Basics useful too. Both give you a big-picture perspective, suggest counterintuitive thinking, reorientate your understanding, make sense of what you do, connect you with parents and children, and inspire you to partner with Jesus.

My job as a writer is to be God’s instrument to help others walk in His grace and live in step with Him. That’s what I aim to do as I write articles for this new blog. So, check out Christian Parenting Basics. And if you like it, tell others about it.

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